Monday, May 26, 2008

surprise surprise

i'm not anywhere near that. a routine, that's what i call it.
they say you don't kill a man the way you don't wanna get killed.
yet i don't sense a trace of respect left for him.
give me solace. give me grace.
this one's for real. this one's gonn' tell.
hopes are kept high, though i wish to keep them down.
i kept my fingers crossed and prayed that history not repeat itself.

it all happens for a reason. what a relief from that line for both sides.
well o' well, i wish you well.
i'm waiting for mine.
it should come soon.
or maybe not.

karma police comes after you.
believe it or not. someone's watching, that's your call as a matter of fact.
we practice what we preach, not. what's with the ritual. they don't mean a thing sometimes.
look up ahead at what the fathers have done.
godfather is watching you, beyond what our fathers have done.
give it a thought, who tied the knot?

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