Sunday, December 28, 2008

not all is ever lost, ever.

engaging in speculative activities gives you two outcomes, either you win, or you lose. oh and let's not forget the draw, but that in my experience, rarely happens. fortunate or unfortunate for me, recently, i've allowed myself to seek relief from speculative pleasures amidst the not so immense pressure from mundane nine to five, actually six, working world. well it turns out it does cost me quite a little for such pleasure.

as much as i'd love to throw in a few self-comforting words to console myself of the losses i've incurred, or even allow the sour grapes feeling to consume me entirely, i must admit that indeed there were some lessons to be learnt, which i've found pretty much very valuable to the average speculator, or gambler, if i must say.

during moments when we were terribly down, we tend to make irrational decisions which will serve only to exert additional pressure to ourselves and more often than not these choices we make will give us unfavorable outcomes which so happen to bring us further down the losing end. the only way to improve the situation for yourself is not to simply take on more risks, or increase the stakes pertaining to subsequent bets. i won't discredit the fact that with higher speculation, there comes greater profits. which in financial terms we've coined it the risk-return trade-off. but perhaps, the more fundamental issue here is, how much risk can you afford to take?

looks like somebody didn't come out a loser that much after all. there's a lesson behind every phenomenon.

don't we all love life now?

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