Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today's Breakaway Will Bite Back Tomorrow.

As the subprime crisis continues due to the ongoing credit market turmoils, the powerhouse prices goes up, appearing almost ready to weather another storm. The toppling of one giant Bear, illustrates the helplessness of the drowning Bull. The bull never sees red. Red comes as blood shed. Blood shed by the layman brothers, merry leech, goodman sex, shitty bangs and many more.

The sector needs to shrink by at least a few hectars, yet our nation's people, myself included, have never considered that as a factor. We continue to hunt for the next Bear for our breakaway before it falls all over again. We pray that the Bull changes its view of red, to push past its slump for that victorious day. Only through this way our efforts pay off in many ways.

Let's hope the night doesn't get too dark just before the dawn, for the darkest night might just bite back tomorrow for a little too long.

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