Thursday, August 28, 2008


game on. recall and we all say aye. guilty of playin' 'i spy with my eye' yet shy of guessing where and why. now how's that for something money can't buy. gonn' share the hype before i lose the 'psych'.

above all:

hype is not knowing what you don't know. the apparent ironic element of this phenomenon appears to be once again rather bearish - in financial terms, they call it risk-risk.
hype is the audacity of hope - barack hussein obama II. hold your breath, the white house is on fire yet again.

under the radar:

hype is turning what's fake orginal to give the original fakes.
hype is juice clot at the wrong heads with the right girls.

hype is staying undercover longer than you think.
hype is a porter at the tokyo head office.
hype is obeying the propaganda giant.
hype is skaterboys surfin' off the wall.
hype is when tokyo kiks sneaks in.
hype is keepin your fingercroxxed.

hype is juxtaposition through collaborations.

hype is hype.

got hype?

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