Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Future Rehearsals

Fed sure took awhile before coming into this beautifully tainted picture. And when he does, he transform the implicit assumptions into explicit terms. Apparently, he claims he's in control now, and how's that for a all-time explicit transformation.

Freddie and Fannie sitting under the tree, D I S S I N G. The last time I checked, we were subtly asking who they are doing this to. But who are we kidding? It has got to be us - you and me included. Well recently of course, Fed was brave enough to intuitively take the initiative for the bailout of our long time dream builders. It seems almost like he's willing to take the entire rap for the massive crap that has been caused. However, don't get me wrong here, Freddie and Fannie are right to build dreams, for they are created to do so. But I guess we were all guilty of standing by as they started building too many castles on the tree they were on. And that was when things turned awry and the castles started toppling down on us. To sidetrack from the heat of the situation, in my opinion, they should be renamed Bob instead. Yeah, Bob the Builder. This one's unique though, they're responsible for the building of castles in the American dream.

If you're one of those who got "surfed" - while being served - big time in the recent crunch caused by the Famous Fs - Freddie, Fannie and now Fed - my heart goes all the way out to you. Yet before we start shooting our mouths off, we'll want to give it some thought to save ourselves from making the same old mistake of shooting ourselves in our own legs again. Seriously, did we even ever dare to assume that we're gonna survive without them or this ordeal? The thought of this assumption makes me cringe. Personally, I believe it's hardly even possible given any market conditions we have experienced or any we may potentially face.

Time and time again, research has everything we need to prove that the superpower houses still have it. In essence, have what? My sentiments exactly. It doesn't take 2 shots at the bloombird to realize that no one has nothing of much substance lately. For one thing is certain, and that is uncertainty. No one sees a dime as a dime anymore. It always looks more than one but yet it consistently proves otherwise.

Pessimism is a sin, I insist, as the only way to get out of the mess we all play a part in creating is to think otherwise. As the next crunch awaits, we've got this perculiar bunch holding on to their very own unrealistic view that we may not get hit by the recession off our shore afterall. From my observation, we're obviously already in one. Face the music, spread the things we hold on to ever so tightly and together we can all build better dreams than Bob.

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